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Refund Policy

Dakota Community Centre operates various programs that have differing requirements and by extension, different refund policies.
  • Pass Holders: To cancel an annual or monthly pass (track, weight room, fitness & yoga), pass holders must request a cancellation at the front desk, by phone at (204)254-1010, or by email at customerservice@dakotacc.com a minimum of three days prior to the beginning of the following month. The DCC will deduct any outstanding fees and a 20% administration fee from the balance remaining prior to closing a membership account. Cancellations are effective on the last day of each month.
  • Class Passes: Drop in program and class refunds are subject to an administrative fee of 20% of the balance remaining (up to a max of $25)
  • Sessional Programs: Refund requests received prior to the start date of a program are subject to an administrative fee of 20% of the program fee. No refunds after the start of the program.
  • Youth Sports (softball, baseball, soccer): All refund requests are subject to a non-refundable $40 administration fee prior to team formation. No refunds after team formation.